Challenge and Outcome in the Horseshoe

Now we are to the end of this week, Sunday, and are facing the obstacles presented to us, and the outcome of this week. Ruled by the 6th and 7th Chakras, these are things that we know about ourselves, and that the Universe knows about us in this process and in our connection with the Divine. 

Advice for our Future (being this weekend)

It is interesting to me that this happens on a Lunar Eclipse with the planet Mars shining brightly, and these cards specifically apply themselves to politics very well. So, whether they apply to the politics in your personal life, or how we are affected by the larger world of politics. the cards advise through the 7 of Swords that we have a strategy for dealing with potential deception and deal breakers.  Preparation can make a world of difference when others try to get away with something unfair.

The Horseshoe

Horseshoes are lucky. Right? Hung upside down above the door they are to act as visual “wells” that catch all the abundance before it leaves your home.  However, it is much older than that. In ancient times it represented the “Yoni” or the sacred feminine, and thus sacred doors. You can see the importance of the shape in all sorts of ways in our own homes and sacred architecture with arched doors and windows being our “opening” to and from the world.

3-Card Readings

That is a Past, Present, and  Future reading, in a nutshell. It will cost $45 and will give you a new perspective on what might be affecting you unseen. And, you never know, there may be a bonus in it for you!

Real Support

It, the Pentacle, then means that what we really value is what our spirits long for and manifest.

Change Perspective

I could present my energy, I could deliver my knowledge and skills to others, but there was something I was covering up from myself. 

Six of Swords and First Mind Trust

Now you know about how a realization about Tarot comes to me and sticks. I live through it. I experience it. I never forget it. Does this mean that I just dump everything I’ve learned about a card over the course of 35+ years of study? Of course not! However, I weave into those studies…

The River Lesson, Part 2

It did not help all that much even to have this marvelous guide of Tarot, because like the woman character in this card, had my head hidden in my hands and I wasn’t able to ask for help in the right way because I’d always been told that my needs were not important. I wasn’t really helping anyone, much less my children. I’m not proud of that, but I promise things improved on a HUGE LEVEL once I lifted my head up and started looking around.

The River Lesson, Part One

How many of you have ever been river-rafting? I can say that I’ve done it all but three or four times. One of those time I was eaten to pieces by horseflies and sunburned to lobster red. Another time my fiance had his glasses dropped in the river and actually was able to find them…