Suit of Energy (Wands)

Intangible energy is now interpreted as anything from a point of view and prayer, to spartacles that leave their evidence behind in hydron colliders trying to create the smallest of black holes. As a metaphor for the path in life that demands that we search beyond the obvious, trusting what we can’t necessarily see energy does make high pressure demands upon us. It is impulsive and risky to count on our passions, and, yet, there are times in life when we simply must in order to progress.

The Suit of Wands asks us to consider this challenge as our greatest opportunity to evolve and surpass ourselves. As our understanding of energy has increased in science, we also explore the the paradox of seemingly incompatible concepts creating the world as we know it. We grow on our spiritual path when we understand that as much as circumstances and appearance, our “energy” affects the outcome of any situation. From the accidental effect of a lightning strike to the self-concept changing invention of man-made fire, from the energy of two people in agreement to the commitment of an artist to keep the world alive by dreaming, this suit asks us to embrace the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Nothing short of light in the world, we are energy beings whose purpose sometimes is weighted down by the many adventures we take on sometimes from our wounds, and sometimes by inspiration.

We’ve often seen the wand drawn as sort of a club, and I do believe that is because the consequences for wielding the energy of this suit are huge. I considered making wands into “magic” wands, but generally we don’t see people through history carrying around wands. However, magic is still very much a part of the meaning of this suit, and for me magic is awareness. As we become increasingly aware of our environment, causal choices, past and potential, then we can effect change in the world and this is magical. I considered and even wrote the poems for a suit of “light” because the notion of light is more visual, but finally I landed on “energy” because in our day of quantum mechanics and string theory I believe energy becomes every day more the understood expression of ultimate creativity and spirit.


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