With 35 years of Tarot study under my belt, I’m finally ready to commit to Tarot as my life’s work. You would think after all of this time that I’d be sure I know everything I need to know, but I am still learning every day. It is okay. That is the beauty of Tarot. It is one of the very best teachers for the game of life, but it won’t play the game for you.

No one I know comes to a Tarot reading because they are crystal clear about everything and are sure of their direction. Right?

We search for information when we’ve hit the proverbial wall!  There are dramas that bring too many tears, that make us numb, that fill us with shame or fear, or when we have tried so many options but not one of them really work, and a bunch of flimsy cards seems like a better choice than nothing at all.

I know that is probably what led me to the deck of 78 cards so many times. Also, Tarot teased me with cleverness and the idea that if I knew what’s what, then I could make the right choice and life would be PERFECT! Of course, that is not how Tarot really works its magic on me, and probably not on you either.

So, why receive a reading or study Tarot if it doesn’t deliver a PERFECT life?

What I have learned over the course of 35 years, is that it takes a very long time and repetitive advice to change, because, in general, human beings are very stubborn and often rebellious. We must finally see that all our choices will lead us back to the moment when there is only one truth for us. Only when we understand choicelessness will we move forward.

Both you and I require many experiences often just to believe that we must change, or see the inevitable, or hear the truth. What Tarot can do is lend us a spyglass of greater perspective, an ability to read the situation, a hearing aid to listen with more sincerity to what is happening right now. From here we inch much closer, much faster than we could without the help. Tarot helps our hand with clues and secrets that we keep from ourselves otherwise.


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