Once self-acceptance has rooted itself
There are consequences to the branches.
I see the shifting paradigm of growth now
Wrap itself around this knowing mirror
Of Venus that has gone from mere vanity
And obsession, to understanding my innate
Value. I wake up to all of life and the fact

That a presence in me holds out for this reach
And already forgives me though I am no dog
Pissing on my personal tree. Ownership is a
Transgression I can only allow my will, but maybe
It is now possible to hand over the prism I looked
Through for so long. I can’t blame anyone for
Authority to train me, and now I am choiceless

In the discernment of time passing I, with you,
Share, and I know my duty to fulfill the purpose
I’ve suddenly discovered, to answer the shofar,
The call to live fully resolved and reassembled. I
Remember my name is written in the book of life
Forever. The hourglass, the sundial, the gray
Hairs on my head cannot interrupt my patience.

copyright © 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson