Just when I think I’ve learned it all, there
Begins a new cabeceo, a flirtation from the
Universe to dance again. Changed, I feel free
As Fools will do. Everything in realignment
With my true will, I am inclined to take
A victory tango around the ballroom.
The twinkling lights this time are stars.

Now, as I round the spiral staircase of my own
DNA, I find fewer tar sands, smaller shadows on
The squeaky stairs that used to hang me up.
Trusting even when I find there are lead layers yet
To strip away, stronger lights needed, that
Moving up the stairs with just found confidence
Improves my chances for a sweet moment on the floor.

This is good, and without fraction. Wholeness
Becomes so precious that discovering it, I
Defend my nudity now, and expand resistance to
Hiding out in those masquerades that were
Foisted on me so arbitrarily. In the arms of a sure
Dancer, myself, there is an arranged potential to
Improvise the steps and that makes living audacious.

copyright © 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson