Arcanum Nineteen

Reborn, ever and ever, the sun out of
Dullness, I am the child of inner parents
Ready to love themselves, and I appreciate
This birth, reserved for disciples of
Hastened ends, resulting in an initiation of
Flight for a Phoenix, a ride on the Lion,
Hearing the wisdom of the Crow, owning

Dear innocence at the center of each being
My sources and interpretations mingle as a
Murmuration of starlings, the sunflowers ever
Facing the light. Yes, the progress of butterflies –
Their wings generating storms transforming
The known universe or the painter’s hand brushing
With trust for a destination only hands know.

Of my mistakes that turn out to be the
unexpected prodigal road home to that place
Where abiding joy is, where the unspoken truth
Lays bare to our souls and all that is left
Is a great and warm homecoming, a celebration
Of all that we have been, and now can
Become in the radiance of due life.

Copyright © 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson


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