A stone in the heavens, moon dances with earth’s
Swaying tides, inextricable from shared journey.
Delicious stirring of all alchemical elements,
Languidly creating and I partake gracefully
In those rhythms beyond, become cooperative as a swan.
My life inclined now to change. My gut feeling is
To trust this, in spite of obvious lunacy.

I set off on this new journey with dark acceptance.
Waters of reflection are, of course, plain to me.
But the tender moonlight pulls something darker in
The muck, through sexual innuendo and determined
Hints of what I cannot hope to control. When I
Give into the nature of myself and see innate
Honesty in my expressions gliding up there on

The surface, I am not fooled by light, to be fair,
The story. I dive into the murky unknown, and
begin to understand my unity with more than waves.
Still vented, no matter my attempts to hide,
Forces courageous flight on night’s map of myself.
Though, it is not peace I imagined, the flower bloom.
There is more to integrity than meets the eye.

copyright © 2013 Amanda Morris Johnson