Let me not mince words here because I need
To understand that I wanted to blow this shit up,
And I can’t afford anymore illusions about
Who or what has occurred. I have been screwed
By the idea of my innocence until I was thrown
Into a veritable volcano, not to prevent
Eruption but to encourage the Terra forming

To follow. I want to wipe out the path to
The future that I was planning based on
Faith in falsities until the stones there
Are new again. It’s simply not enough to
Move forward into the vision that could be
Genuinely harmonious, if I leave in place
Beliefs that will sabotage the future as much

As they did the past. I’m unwilling to sit in
The ashes of my failure and boo-hoo over the
Loss of dreams. Rather I would grow wings
In this fall, accept the challenges as life
Gets harder on my advance. I may be scorched
But I’ve already faced death and so I blaze
With glory, and say, “Bring it on!”

copyright (c) 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson