After my trials and fierce battles with
World and will, I find myself floating
On healing waters, gazing up at our dear
Milky Way through the atmosphere that
Makes the earth a miracle. Blessed is the
Earth, the water, and even me in these
Moments of the grace I cannot grasp at

No matter how I have tried. Somehow it
Simply happens, this brief respite in my
Drive to comprehend some meaning from my
Effort. To nurse from an ever-loving Mother’s
Breast, and feel the endless flow of care
Nurtures my spirit to evolvement, and I
Know restoration is allowed now, along the way,

Because I stand my ground in honesty that
Cannot be shut down or hidden anymore. I
Find myself wrapped in love from moment to
Moment, and understand that like grace, hope
Is not of this world but can be granted from
Beyond if I can simply bow my head and receive,
graciously accepting this rise from my naked soul.

copyright (c) 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson