The frustration of receiving with grace
Cannot be underestimated when a Fool is
Certain that action is the hallmark of will.
However, gestation is not the same as
Prudence. Its virtue is not born of stifling
Control, or cautiously approaching life as if
It may bite until I run crimson around the edges.

I don’t indulge fearful hanging back,
But I trust this hanging in patience even when
It may not feel natural. Resistance to premature
Engagement allows the release of urgency,
And drains me of willingness to involve myself
In other people’s agendas. It feels like
Water fills my ears until all I can hear

Is my heart beating with forbearance. The
Doing will simply have to wait, like I wait,
Until emergence into a new beginning finds
A date, until the stones themselves make
Sense with what still appear to me as
Mistakes and stories. Thus, here I tarry in
A fragile shell, listening to the drums.

copyright (c) 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson