Hidden between two worlds, strength can be
Stronger, but for the purposes of education,
A Fool, like me, must share honestly that power
Comes from agonizing exposure of my underbelly
And, yes, the courage to bear down on any
Number of painful labors that bring about the
Birth of noble desires and heinous needs.

As if I am sitting at my desk naked and my
Reader can see me in this poem, I learn to
Request assistance without gritting my teeth.
I learn to accept my vulnerability as I
Unzip my arm, disclosing the network of blood
As it makes oxygen into life, earning some
Kind of respect by facing the most base,

Wild nature that roars within me and that
Even with prior knowledge, I am only now
Learning to love in such a way that I am
Willing to reveal the complications that
Necessarily come with screaming or crying in
Public as I’m stripped down to surrender
Of pretense to the unfolding roar within.

copyright (c) 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson