The world is stranger than I may
Have anticipated. Somehow to finally
Be True, accepted and forgiven, even
By myself, the alien self, once
Camouflaged by niceties comes out and
Might as well have two heads and
Wings of passion and purity, I might

As well have hermaphroditic tendencies
Climbing up the steep slope to honesty.
Yet, what I have seen so far comes
Together unto a new strategy or a
Quest to be of service even when I
Know that no one really wants my offer.
Just the vision, exemplary itself, matters

For the time being. With luck, my foolish
Heart will be pierced with the return
Of spring irises and purple butterflies
Fulfilling the beginnings of what is
Possible. I choose to carry this light
Of expectation so that others may see it,
Notice my advance. That I remain unperturbed.

copyright (c) 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson