Is it any wonder that justice is a serpentine
Loop that takes the Fool back to the
Beginning with newly found sense?
There is no beautiful blind woman
Metting out the Truth, Fool! I do it
Myself, aha, because every action I took
In faith, with belief in something

Led me back to myself and this
I have to live with and get wise to
So that I can find some peace with
The mess I’ve made. Now that I
Understand that I am the fool, I can
Begin to look around and get the water
Of birth out of my ears finally, and listen

To the options replete with repercussions
In mind. Will my heart be light as a feather
When all is said and done? Have I collected
Enough junk to prove my existence? Am I
Ready to slowly back out of the trap?
So many question that carry a Fool like me
Round and round until flesh and bones matter.

copyright (c) 2012 Amanda Morris Johnson