Where fire meets water something else
Arises in this humid instant, a swirling
Corkscrew of perfection that owes nothing
To pretense of identity and repose. Here is
The first step of many to come when
Lovers cast aside their self-image in order to
Stoke a Fool’s rebellion – making the heart

True – because to stand against the rules
Energizes devotion in this life. This affair specifies,
Accepting the swoon of forgiveness, as the sands
Fall, being off the mark and reveling in it,
At any age an adolescent preoccupation, but
as Lovers undo their uniforms eagerly
To embrace the other side of belonging

They endure everything to have scope, and
Rather than betray the fragrant blossoming of
The alchemical rose, the tender tune sated,
A Fool hands over external incentives
To deeply know another move just before
Allowing the snakes to rise to the burning
Star, and conquering the crown of songs.

Copyright © 2011 Amanda Morris Johnson