Kosmic vehicles are different from
Carts and carriages materialism.
With no steering mechanisms, the
Passenger must be surrender. Driving
The reality that all preparations
will be left behind. A map won’t
Show up and there are no brakes.

Holding to the dream of a vague
Destination is harder than it looks!
To remain unprejudiced and yet
Alert a Fool must employ the
Gifts of expectancy and gratitude
In advance of receipt, and an
Understanding that the vehicle

May not be moving at all and still arrive.
Space will distort to any desire
Bringing both blissful and terrifying
Incident, but this is not the only
Law. By degree, the Fool learns peril.
When emotions maneuver Truth fire ensues.
When Truth runs emotion, subtle landings.

Copyright © 2011 Amanda Morris Johnson