Five fingers, five toes, five senses to use
for interpretation and experience of life itself.
Perceptive, she will have the Fool’s attention
By testing knowledge acquired through
the difficult initiation existence presents and she
Has no trouble sending the unsure to the
Back of the line. Try, try again neophyte..

Rites of passage won through strain and
Effort are her treasury and she understands
That she must give the divine oracle to the
Deaf and blind until they hear and see again.
She walks with two snakes as her companions,
The codex in her bones and blood, knowing
Her own life is blameless and in tact.

Humble when every Fool kneels before her
She prays she can prepare them for
The Truth that knows no other but aware
She is an intermediary between science
and hope, her expectations remain rather low.
She simplifies what is complicated and confuses
Too much ease to raise a Fool’s advance.

copyright © 2011 Amanda Morris Johnson