He sits in the lap of his stone throne
Waiting, neither patient nor provoked.
Exuding masculinity, he has no need to
To prove he can gore any contender and
They can see this and make a wide berth
Around him, not terrified by his crown –
They know that’s mere decoration

The rivals sense that in his hearty laughter
Is buried a switch, easily accessed and that
He might suddenly turn to use and
Shield his intimates from unwanted advance.
While his attention seems focused, intent
On this careful moment, he always
Includes the order of things: time to be tender;

Time to take charge, and always, the time
To be alert. It would take a Fool to
Make approach because the Bull will
Certainly be pleased to teach respect,
The need for decorum, real and meaningful
Diplomacy. He understands fences for what
They are and emanates presence of mind.

copyright@2011 Amanda Morris Johnson