Knowing what he knows, he waits
In the night air, for the star to set him
Free of the lonely laws that spill from
The mystifying crow’s mouth unbidden.
He sits holding the space for erudition
While our exquisite maidens remain in tact
No matter what conspires to unfasten

Their dedicated protection of the Word
Reflected in the pool, and our dear
Knower can only inculcate a fine few
Initiates properly prepared to hear the
The Truth that is, the Truth that
Cannot be avoided, that eternally must,
In due course, rest in the heart of

Every Fool in the dream of life, and
Until each person undoes her notions
Of the sanctity and righteousness of purpose,
The Knower will serve, and the maidens
Will surround him and beyond his reach —
So, to pass the endless time, he creates a story,
Poignantly, a diamond shard to his heart.

copyright (c) 2011 Amanda Morris Johnson