The Sorceress increases a Fool’s world,
Her arms flung open with greeting.
This dance, wild and furious, attracts all eyes
Watching her refinement and splendor. A Fool indulged,
Mesmerized, simply following her thrust
Into all the luminous choices allied with
Space and time, or flesh and will…

This moment, now, reaches up and plunges,
Sinking a Fool on a soul’s expedition, a wish
To become, following her footfalls on a stone
Path that constructs itself beneath her toes
Each stone a mistake made in vain managing,
Impossible to avoid — upon this trail —
Discernment is earned only at a Fool’s expense.

The Sorceress beguiles senses with her
Promise of pleasure and ingenuity for creating
Subsequently the desperate caterpillar yearnings —
To experience the weaving of life’s tapestry, or
To chip away at our never-ending failings,
There is fire to forge and there is relieving cool water, and
In her being, a Fool’s exploits breathe and take flight.

Copyright © 2011 Amanda Morris Johnson