Ought or naught, the Fool begins and begins

Again because there is no still point

Until there is and when the absurdity

Of existence embraces me with adoration and

Accepts that I cannot help being this Fool,

and neither can they, then forgiveness

Grows in heart and mind, beyond and now –

Here is where the dream ends and reality takes

A role, and wakes up to a dance, a step towards the abyss

Fearless, yes, mischievously, and even tenderly.

For the conquests are not to be won but to be

Created. I look past alligator’s appetite with a wink,

Ignore nipping dear old familiar demands. She’s seen only

By others not quite aware, able or awake, and full of fear.

I am the honest Fool walking on edge. Wearing

A mask from the sleeping, knowing that danger is

Afoot and yet…nothing. I’ll not sell my soul as

Other fools might with no inkling of this perspective:

Behind every (?) leap are wings not seen. Trust praises

The labor in bringing forth a new life, knowing

Mountains move beneath this Fool’s marvelous feet.

copyright © 2013 Vivi Sojorhn