The Fool

For me “The Fool” card in a Tarot Deck is “un-numbered”. Most decks call The Fool “Zero,” but I believe this is totally misleading. Think of a regular playing deck that has descended from the game of Tarochi played by nobles in Europe so long ago. The Joker is the wild and un-numbered card. As a property in the hand of a player it can be used as a substitute for any card, or chosen cards in the deck. This inheritance of information about the meaning of the Fool came from somewhere. In truth, I believe that The Fool is the interchangeable, ever expanding, “all” nature of the One that is expressed in infinite combinations.

When we are children or beginners at something it is true that we are foolish and innocent. We don’t understand how anything is going to work, and we just leap with the faith that it will work in the end. This is as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz begins her journey not by tornado, but by simply being foolish on the fence and falling and bumping her head. We go through many moments in life that draw on the core issue of the human race – VULNERABILITY. Why would “vulnerability” be the issue that fundamentally represents the “wild” card?

There are two sides to vulnerability that play themselves out in our lives. One way is the darker side of ourselves that we tend to create elaborate subterfuge around — shame. The ego is constantly warning us about the shame we will experience when we fall and bump our heads — which only happens to fools. If we listen to that ego then we are likely to shrink away from so many opportunities to grow and evolve though, and that is the flip side of “vulnerability.” Without taking a risk and being vulnerable to mistake (or sin) we simply cannot grow.

Therefore, at any twist and turn on our life’s path the Fool can show up as the “wild” card and ask us to confront our vulnerability issues. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and don’t pin our self-worth on circumstances, appearances and outcomes, then we have taken on the evolved persona of the Fool. We have become The Fool who is not afraid, cannot be held back by some domesticated self from risking it all in a constant evolutionary folly.

So next time you get the Fool in a reading, don’t assume that it means you’re simply an innocent beginner. Sometimes it means that you are the ultimate Master


A study of Tarot

Welcome to Kosmic Egg Tarot. I hope to bring you some new insight and thoughts about the world of Tarot through essay, poetry and fiction. Eventually, you will be the first to see the designs of the Kosmic Egg Tarot Deck here. Tarot has been a study of mine since the 1980’s, and the cards never fail to shed light upon where I have landed in my life. My intention is that you will begin to feel more free to use your own unique interpretations to study and use Tarot in your every day life, and that we can have a conversation that goes beyond “what the books say.”

I have studied with Masters of Tarot and I’ve read many books. One of my hobbies is collecting decks that speak to me, even if they are not exactly the cosmological system of Tarot. I’ve made my entry and exit from Occult Orders in order to learn the hidden connections of Tarot to ancient knowledge. After all of this, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best Tarot readers are the ones who let the cards themselves speak and suggest a coherent story. The best Tarot readers are the ones who trust themselves, and don’t offer too much information, or too little. I hope I am that Tarot reader and that my approach to the deck will help you begin your own journey with Tarot.